Monday, June 21, 2010

When Is It Okay To Show Minors Nude Pictures Of Their Mother?

I had picked out my topic for this blog, however, after watching the View on television today…a show I almost never watch…I was moved to veer from my original path. Today’s special guest was the extremely talented star of HawthoRNe (and wife of actor Will Smith) Jada Pinkett Smith. Evidently, she is featured on the Essence Magazine June/July cover…nude. What was unusual about the choice was that the original picture…to be front-and-center... was of a fully and tastefully clothed Jada, which was amazing. She had “other”…ahem… photos taken supposedly for her husband’s private collection yet admittedly, when she went home, she showed at least one nude photo to her daughter Willow (age 9) and got the response that the photo looked “elegant”. Now, this child’s comment spurred the green-light which moved Will’s wife to “STOP THE PRESSES!” and put the nude picture on the cover instead. I have several questions. What happened to the plan of the photos being for her husband’s “private collection”? How does a woman condone nude photos…to be shown in public…to her children? Why would a child’s comment make a wrong decision okay? How does a mother make the decision to show inappropriate photos to her children (female and male) in the first place? Had she not been a part of the Hollywood elite…would local authorities have stepped in for her showing nude photos to minors… especially since she was their MOM? If she has crossed this line, where will her children draw the new line for their morality? This bugs me!

Note: Parents set the bar by which children look up to them…or…down on them.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it.
Zanne Booker 6-21-10