Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Smoke Screen

The "blame game" continues and so does the problem on Wall Street. Could it just be possible that one of the reasons the barbs continue is because politicians (and lobbyists) need a smoke screen to cloud their part in this financial fiasco? After all, election time is a poor time to have this full disclosure of corruption (on both sides). The winner of the race for the White House will ease either party's embarrassment temporarily, but the beast is too big to hide. History (and the FBI) will record who did what and when. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. We have an election and a monetary crisis facing America and we have to treat them as two separate entities. The new President will not have to solve or fix this dollar disaster by himself so let's think about the part we can play in the recovery effort. Vote for the man who will best represent America in times of crisis and periods of prosperity. Don't get lost in the "smoke" and lose your focus.

Zanne Booker 10-01-08

Note: If we are weak it is because we lack courage.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Political Polls and Bragging Rights

Well, it is less than forty days away from the election and sadly it comes with baggage in the form of the Wall Street debacle. What I would like everyone to do is focus on the election, the candidates, the issues, but not the polls. Polls are continually being skewed. What is the reason for this distortion you may ask? Because people like to have bragging rights and some are easily swayed to change their minds, as the election draws closer, based on the ever changing polls. In the presidential election of 1948 every prediction with public opinion polls indicated President Harry S. Truman would be defeated by Thomas Dewey; but it did not happen. I have voted for Presidential candidates from both parties in my lifetime. I always walked out of the election booth with my head held high because I had been a part of the process and voted my conscience. I had not let myself deviate from doing what I thought was right for me, my family, or America. And that is something to brag about.

Zanne Booker 9-30-08

Note: Freedom starts in your soul and ends in your grasp.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hollywood Havoc

Actor Michael Douglas was asked to equate a nuclear Armageddon with the "Wall Street Armageddon. " A reporter asked, "Are you saying, Gordon, that greed is not good?" Mr. Douglas replied, "I'm not saying that. And my name is not Gordon. He's a character I played 20 years ago." Douglas seems to be one of the members of Hollywood who gets it. We are being manipulated by "scripted" characters who play parts in movies and become citizens, just like you and me, when the sets shut down. So why are we listening so intently to the "beautiful people" whose opinions aren't quite as pretty when they open their mouths? True, it is likely they are forming views as they become more informed (hopefully by reading unbiased news reports). But, do your homework and don't let the "stars" get in your eyes.

Zanne Booker 9-29-08

Note: If we are not "One nation under God" then we are one nation under moral anarchy?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks for reading my blog. I will post my next one 9-29-08.

Going To Washington Showed Presidential Wisdom

Personally, I think the two candidates going to Washington showed leadership and wisdom. If one were going to head a country, in less than 40 days, which was entertaining the idea of doling out a Trillion dollars, I would definitely want to put my 2 cents in (2 cents sounds so insignificant here). I would want to look each one of the keyplayers in the eye, when they tried to display partisanship over Americanship, and remind them that it was their stewardship (both parties) that almost left Main Street with a sinking ship. America's financial and homeland security has been compromised. This time there are no innocent bystanders in Congress or on Wall Street. Roll up you sleeves, swallow your pride, and do what's right for America.

Zanne Booker 9-26-08

Note: If you are unsure about a candidate to vote for (in your county or state) you can leave that particular box unmarked on the ballot and still vote for the next President and other politicians you know. This is more responsible than voting blindly.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

American Tough

I just want to perk up Americans a bit. We have faced tougher economic times than the ones we are facing now. America was on the verge of becoming a stand alone nation and we were fighting for our very existence, in our homeland. During Revolutionary times people knew the value of family and friends. Well, we may have to "get real" real soon and reaffirm the ties that got them through. Look to the future with a positive attitude; Our children deserve the reassurance that Americans can rally no matter what changes life thrusts upon them. Let them see it and hear it from you, and often.

Zanne Booker 9-25-08

Note: Every day we have an opportunity to be a founding father/mother. Isn't that basically a role model?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Acts of Treason?

Well, here we are still watching the news and waiting to hear our nation’s fate with regard to the bailout. Wall Street is starting to squirm a little more as Congress balks at giving the money “carte blanche” to a chosen few. The FBI is springing into action investigating the “paper trails” and those who left them. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told the House Financial Services Committee that "The American people are angry about executive compensation and rightfully so…" Angry? CAN ANYONE SAY “TREASON”? When executives deliberately act in an egregious manner that undermines the government, it surely qualifies. We are not talking stealing from a piggy bank here, we are witnessing the very foundation of our economy being weakened which leaves us vulnerable to the outside world. When those at the top wield this kind of power they are commanders of the U.S. financial army. Instead of fearing their parting “parachute package” may be lighter, they should count themselves lucky that they are not facing the gallows!

Zanne Booker 9-24-08

Note: A "Checks and Balance" system needs to be implemented on
Wall Street...just to keep things kosher.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wall Street Solution

I said previously that the United States should not treat the election like a football rivalry; however, healthy competition may be just what we need with regard to this Wall Street debacle. Since a trillion dollars is only 1,000 times a billion (in America) maybe we should put the top college students of our nation to work on the problem with a prize of a mere billion dollars. I can just see teams (comprised of business and economic majors) pouring over flowcharts and crunching numbers with the perfect game plan and budget for those greedy Wall Street executives. They would be able to pay off their student loans and have a little spending money left (even after the inflation rate took its toll). I would trust these “outsiders” with the trillion dollars; they don’t have any allegiances to companies or lobbyists yet. It’s strictly business!

Zanne Booker 9-23-08

Note: We'd better clean our house or someone will clean our clock!

Monday, September 22, 2008

America's Radio Free Europe

America’s Radio Free Europe

Adults are sending a horrible message to the nation’s youth when they act like it is okay to misbehave during Presidential election times. Young people are getting the idea that it is permissible to hack into people’s personal emails (Federal offense), post “doctored” pictures on the internet of the people they dislike, perform any number of deplorable acts, or say anything (made up) while hiding behind “freedom of speech”. Please, let’s be responsible here. Don’t treat the election like a football rivalry! If you are going to complain about a candidate then talk issues, voting records, and party platforms. Maybe you are afraid you don’t know enough…then read. Go beyond the things friends, party members, or your favorite news channels say. If you can’t find an unbiased news source then ask around…they are out there. Granted it is getting harder to find reliable newspapers and news programs. The “sin of omission” and “spin” only leave us angry, fearful, and negative. Quite frankly, I do wonder about the future. Who will be America’s RADIO FREE EUROPE?

Zanne Booker 9-22-08

Note: You can listen politely to anyone’s opposing political views and still remain friends;
the exception would be if they are a threat to national security.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The AIG and America's Election 2008

What's done is done. It will take more than either Presidential candidate to decide the fate of the nation based on the AIG mess (and the cast of others) . The greatest minds of the financial world have been called in, to weigh in, on what has actually happened. It is a nightmare which Americans are having difficulty waking up from...and so, we wait. It doesn't matter who you are voting for this election, Americans (and reporters) need to be realistic. Neither candidate can wrap their arms around this situation, even with handpicked financial advisors, and give credible solutions. It will be up to those meeting, as we speak, to come up viable options. President Bush would like to see it before the opening bell sounds on Monday. Let's give the candidates time to digest it and tweak their stance on the direction to follow rather than forcing them to flip-flop as information is given to them (in installments) because the "headlines" demand it. It's not making either candidate look good. And that isn't making America look too great either.

Zanne Booker 9-21-08
Note: It is okay to change your mind in the voting booth.