Thursday, June 28, 2012

Should Black Candidates Be "Untouchable"?

Why should we consider black candidates if they are not allowed to be under the same scrutiny as any other candidates?  Anyone who steps into the political arena is savvy enough to know that life under a microscope just goes with the territory.  Surely, the NAACP and Al Sharpton know this as well.  Millions of Caucasians bought into Martin Luther King's come together messages and marched or fought for the same dream.  But lately, many are rethinking candidate choices because America has been put on notice that black candidates are "untouchable" and anything they do is not to be is racist.  If you want equality then let it be across the board.  Throughout history, there has been a long list of political reprobates...who were white; Africa and America have had their share...who were black.  Skin color is not a determining factor of honesty, capability, or culpability.  Quit tearing America apart when it has struggled so hard to come together.  Don't be racist!

Note: A good decision is not always a popular one; however, it is always the right one.

May God bless America…and may America deserve it.

Zanne Booker 6-28-2012