Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't Allow The Tea Parties To Return To The Back Burner!

With the TEA PARTIES still etched in the memories of millions I have a question for the millions. What have you done post-party? When a tea kettle comes to a boil it whistles and draws attention. Have we removed it from the burner only to find it cooling and virtually silent? WE THE PEOPLE have a two party system which is made up of problematic politicians who are either too corrupt or too fearful to make the “right” decisions for their constituents…Americans who stand for freedom and decency. In these times, when the pillars of society are crumbling around us, we hope for someone with wisdom to take the lead. I started writing this blog back in September, when the AIG debacle made my blood pressure rise. It was either vent or take medication. This blog was one of the ways I chose to get involved. The more Americans participate, the better their chances to get America “BACK ON TRACK”! Currently, many are all floundering only because there is not an officially ordained “GO-TO-GUY”, someone who will be the voice for the masses who see all too well the big bleak picture. I have a news flash…We all have to be leaders now! You can and must be the catalyst for reform according to your talents and on whatever scale you feel most comfortable, however, don’t feel like you cannot venture out of your comfort zone! And please, don’t sell your talents short. Some people plan for their leadership roles; others are thrust into their positions. Governor Mike Huckabee may not have been the President this go-round, but he is primed and ready to be the voice of reason with the media coverage to back it. That does not let Americans off the hook. If you cannot lead then try writing…which is merely another form of leading. On the most basic level…become “pen pals” with your congressional representatives and encourage your friends, neighbors, and relatives to do the same. When dealing with Congress…Don’t let one note be all she wrote!

The following are the website for congressional delegates:
To write your U.S. Representative
To write your U.S. Senator

Note: When dealing with Congress…Don’t let one note be all she wrote!

May God bless America…and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 4-27-09