Sunday, April 5, 2009

With The Confusing Tone Of America...Its Time For New Leaders To Bring Harmony!

During Spring Break teachers, students, and school staffers make a beeline for the door and some much needed R&R (Rest and Relaxation); I was part of that ritualistic migration. I went to church on Sunday and visited a tiny congregation, in a very small town, where they were plagued by low member numbers due to their own "break" situation. The minister was having to say the opening prayer, help with communion, preach, and...unfortunately...lead singing. Now, even if he had used a pitch pipe to start us off, it wouldn't have mattered. Once the "short" song started, he changed pitch four times, thus it was virtually impossible to make sense of the melody...and I knew the song! Needless to say, the stronger singers in the church (many who were just visitors like myself) stepped up to the plate and salvaged the rest of the song service with our voices being heard over the primary leader. I draw inspiration from everywhere for my blog and this "Pitch Problem" just seemed to fit right in with that of America today. We cannot follow the tune if our political leaders cannot consistantly stay "on pitch". Vagueness and contradictions of the leadership make it virtually impossible to plan for the future on any level whether it be on a national, state, community, or individual one. It is time for new leaders, even if they did not get their party's nod for the main presidential candidate, to step up to the plate and help us stay in tune. Now, that does not let the average citizen off the hook! Let the "four levels" I mentioned previously be the Sopranos, Altoes, Tenors, and Basses. You may not be ready for a solo so start with a duet or quartet if you need to, but start. We can no longer afford to let this economy sit stagnant while the leadership spoon feeds us their secret agenda hoping it will not hurt our ears in small measures. Quite the opposite is happening. As they edge toward their crescendo their opus is disjointed and deafening! WE THE PEOPLE are the are the most industrious and creative people in the world and we are not about to let this economic situation be our SWAN SONG!

Note: We cannot follow the tune if our political leaders cannot stay on pitch!

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 04-05-09