Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Foiled Release Of Afghanistan Photographs Gives Mixed Signals To Obama's Enraged Left Supporters

It looks like the liberals are getting a bitter taste of “transparency”. One week the President is giving the green light for the release of Pentagon photographs showing abuses of American held Afghanistan and Iraq detainees (in the name of transparency) and the next he is stopped at a self-imposed roadblock…even if he has to go to court! At first glance it seems to be all about national security. The question is why? But is the answer singular or plural? Let’s navigate through the quagmire, shall we? Some think it is not hard to state the answer. The graphic images of abuses at Abu Ghraib spawned the outrage heard round the world, rallied many extremist recruits, and left America’s image less than pristine. Supposedly these photos were not as “sensational” as the previous ones, however, they were noteworthy…enough for our leading military generals to stonewall release attempts. It is interesting that President Obama now feels that “national security trumps transparency”. Since transparency has not been this president’s hallmark, after taking office, maybe “public opinion trumped tyranny”. After all, he has ticked off the conservatives to the point of verbal rebellion (finally) and my guess is that he is trying to pit liberals and conservatives against each other to ease the flack flying his direction… a strategical quid pro quo. Recall that he was amiable to releasing the classified “torture memos” giving indepth details of interrogation procedures…right Nancy? Could Ms. Pelosi's sketchy recall be yet another cause for the photo-faux pas? Whatever President Obama’s reason(s)…he is compromising America’s security, endangering the lives of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (according to the US commanders), and providing transparency to the world that is not even available in our own nation…Why is that, Mr. President? The publication of the photos would make that charge seem more convincing. Not publishing them, and the accusation is less likely to stick. Jonathan Beale, BBC News, Washington. So Nancy Pelosi can breathe a short-lived sigh of relief. However, Democrats are taking a second look at her “prior knowledge".
Nancy...you cannot share the glory and not the blame.

Note: The truth is the truth...no matter who delivers it!

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 5-19-09