Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Afghanistan: McChrystal Struggles To Make Sense Of Obama's Communication Break Down

General Stan McChrystal was appointed by President Obama to orchestrate the war in Afghanistan as the new U.S. Commander. This was not only an honor bestowed, but also a testimony to his leadership, extensive military knowledge, and situation analysis. As a graduate from West Point (1976) he has brought a resume worthy of America’s confidence. But who is the President now deferring to in order to sort out the mission statement and requirements in this arena? General McChrystal disclosed to David Martin (CBS) in an interview that he had only talked to the President once in 70 days. Mr. Obama has talked more to his golf caddies! Why, he has even taken time out to address the Olympic committee. Doesn’t he know we have come so far and that there are dire consequences for just PLAYING WAR? Every American soldier should enter combat confident that his leaders are on his/her side. If we allow Al-Qaeda to overrun Afghanistan, then they will confidently set their sights on their next conquest. Now, I know it is easier to let the “other guy" stand up for what is right; but we are the “other guy". We need to realize when we get comfortable, we are most vulnerable. There is only one way to win a war... DECISIVELY!

Note: No one wants to start a war...But someone has to finish it!

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 9-30-09