Tuesday, December 1, 2009

West Point's Backdrop Couldn't Save Obama's Flop

I'm back...thanks for hanging in there. This blog was intentionally delayed until President Obama got back to General McChrystal's request for additional troops in Afghanistan. Now, with many of America's finest surrounding him...the cadets at West Point...he had an opportunity to do his own surging...as Commander-In-Chief. It was the most eloquently delivered speech of "fence straddling" I have heard in a long time. I am quite sure he has read the book Speak Like Churchhill, Stand Like Lincoln, by James C. Humes, yet he fell embarrassingly short of either leaders' comparison tonight. After waiting approximately seventy days to initially talk to the President (face-to-face) about his need for 45,000 troops, it is hard to fathom that this "strategy" is the outcome of McChrystal's...and America's...additional three months of waiting. How many lobbyists and special interest groups does one have to poll...or appease...to avert a crisis? Mr. President, to stand like Lincoln you need a backbone. I'll say it again...There are dire consequences for just PLAYING WAR. There is only one way to win a war...decisively!

Note: A wise man's words are well received with or without the accompaniment of eloquence.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 12-01-09