Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite: Plumb Line Of Integrity

I would be remiss if I did not pay tribute to Walter Cronkite who passed away yesterday at the age of 92. I have listened to nothing but continual praise for this man of conviction, social consciousness, and scruples. It is hard to believe that CBS once had this LEGEND on their payroll…How could they have gone so far off the mark while following in the wake of this PLUMB LINE OF INTEGRITY? Mr. Cronkite found no room for bias or deceit in his reporting. Politics were something he “reported on” and did not “participate in” during his news briefs…the stakes were too high. He simply believed in telling the truth and letting the people discern. I am saddened at the possibility that indeed he may be the last of his kind in the broadcasting realm. He will be missed, but never replaced. Hopefully, his greatest legacy will be shaming the media out of yellow journalism practices.

Note: It is more relaxing to listen to someone we trust deliver an important message. After listening to someone we do not…the verification process is exhausting.

May God bless America…and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 7-18-09