Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help Our Schools Lighten The Recession Depression!

Okay, Americans are feeling the pinch at home and on the job, however, our schools are in need of assistance...and you can help. Remember those expensive TI Calculators you purchased for your child? Yes, the ones that could calculate and calibrate for NASA. Well, what are you doing with them now that your child decided to major in ART while in college or to seek employment outside of the mathematical realm? Are you letting them gather dust while the batteries are corroding inside? Using them to balance your check book? Still trying to learn how to turn them on and off? Aside: push "2nd" and then "on" to turn it off. Whatever you are doing with them, remember some high school students desperately need them...especially since money is so tight and parents (sometimes both) are losing their jobs. Additionally, there are students coming to school with only two changes of clothes to their name. Call the schools and ask if there are any students (all grades) in need of clothing. The receptionist should be able to hook you up with someone who could receive your donations. Do not get discouraged if they are not in the clothing business...this is all new to schools on such a large scale. Churches know just what to do and can offer back-up to those in need. Continuing on...teachers have been put on tighter budgets than they are use to experiencing. With educators (I can only speak for Georgia) being furloughed, the extra money they unselfishly spent on their students to make the classroom run more efficiently, will be dwindling as well. If your student has allergies...send in boxes of tissues until his/her season has passed. If your student needs to print something out in the classroom...send xerox paper with them to replace the paper used. One Georgia High School opened the school year with a smile and one large box of xerox paper per teacher. The teachers were so excited until they were told it had to last them the whole semester. I have given you three suggestions, however, I would love to hear other ideas you have to help our schools. Keep your chin up, your wheels turning, and...above all...keep smiling!

Note: No matter who we've been in the past, let's always make sure we are striving to improve.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 8-22-09