Monday, August 24, 2009

Social Security Freeze...Will Nothing To Live "On" Equate To Nothing To Live "For"?

Who are the elderly? They are more than our parents and grandparents...They are our benefactors. For years they have been our military defenders, philanthropists (most anonymous contributors), upholders and protectors of the laws of the land (and the constitution), champions of technology, patrons of creativity, volunteers in the national spectrum, sponsors for innovations, backers of dreams, contributors to enlightenment, encouragers to the short...NATIONAL TREASURES. Obama's administration is an enigma...a puzzle within a puzzle. It allows us to plunge headlong into medical research trying desperately to improve (and prolong) life while simultaneously thinking of ways to make elderly Americans want to euthanize themselves. Additionally, the disgraceful Social Security Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) freeze adds a bleak reality to those on a fixed income. Could it be that it too ties in to the mandatory age 65 "END OF LIFE" pep-talk? Could it be that "nothing to live on" might equate to some of the elderly as "nothing to live for"? Are members of Congress ready to live by the same rules (and health plans) offered to us mere mortals? How about Mr. Obama? Until the President and Congressional leaders "get real" and start thinking like "their lives" depend on the decisions they make...I find it difficult to take them, or this health care plan, seriously. I am for cutting off NON-U.S. CITIZENS from health care instead of subjecting our elderly to "Death Counseling". Obama and his cronies are trying to build their empire while destroying their infrastructure...the pillars of society...who just happen to be the elderly.

Note: Only the foolish try to trivialize the deeds of the wise.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 8-24-09