Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama Calls In "The Bill" To Cajole Health Care Opposers

Well, it looks like Bill Clinton is being brought in to do one of two things, with regard to the proposed Health Care system. Either he is going to be an adviser to President Obama or he is going to be “the closer”. Flip a coin! No matter which way the former President flips…don’t be deceived. His magical charisma could very well be like the bewitching sirens Odysseus found necessary to shield his ears from… lest he and his crew sail to their doom. If you did not like the health care plan before…you certainly shouldn’t like it any better because “The Bill” is the new pitchman. Currently, the possible disappearance of the PUBLIC OPTION is the latest snag HEALTH CARE proposal advocates are facing. Giving Americans an option to peruse and choose in the private health insurance market is the corner stone to reform consideration and it was the “promised” plan one Senator Obama campaigned on. Why isn't it important now? Senator Max Baucus (MT) knows that labor unions have laud the “public option” and made it part of their reform policy. Now, all public options are not created equal. There are several ways of putting a public option into the play. One is to allow Americans to buy into Medicare. Another is to hook us up with the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program, a health insurance system (controlled) which falls way short of the thriftier Medicare based option. Hopefully, Americans have wised-up to the transparency in Washington and realized the bait-and-switch tactics ushered in (under the wire) hours before the final vote. Until WE THE PEOPLE can trust our congressional leaders to read proposed legislation and make honest, incorruptible decisions on our behalf…we need to plug our ears to a sweeter sales pitch which could not only sink our generation’s ship, but cause future generations to fail to launch.

Note: It is sad to see that the circles our congressional leaders move in can cause them to continually spin.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 08-18-09