Thursday, February 26, 2009

Americans Need A Plumbline!

I started blogging not because I followed politics, but because I was mad about politics. For years millions of Americans have walked around like only children, colliding with everyone who opposed them and forming unholy alliances with those who acted just like them. Their parents or guardians, in an attempt to build self esteem, taught them never to let people tell them they couldn't do anything and neglected to tell them they shouldn't do everything. Rules were in place for the majority who "got the message", but they never seemed to apply to the selfish minority. Thus an era of entitlement was born. These "entitled" individuals reached into our pockets while we toiled, saved, and played by the rules. The majority is just as much to blame for their plight. From the smallest infraction of cutting in line to outright theft, we have misinterpreted the concept of turning the other cheek to mean allowing human rights to only apply to the majority in some cases and to the others,"advantaged" people who have wealth, muscle, and/or cunning to back them up, in all cases. We have lost the concept of "black and white" and settled for muddled gray, with vagueness and multiple interpretations swaying to and fro according to the circumstance and individual. The lines, distinguishing good from evil, are continually being drawn in the sand instead of being etched in stone. Many pillars of society are failing stress tests. Politicians are resembling Roman ruins and yet we continue to cling to them in a twisted one-way loyalty which defies logic and is spawned out of habit, tradition, or ignorance. If there is one thing we can count on today it is that we can not count on anything today. America needs a plumbline! We can no longer fail to see straight, be straight, and talk straight. To those who think that having advantage means taking advantage we need to send a united message. Group effort involves all group members. If a person doesn't meet his/her obligations to society then he/she has no right to be counted among them...that individual is a parasite. Yes, Americans needs a plumbline... let's start with straightening our spines!

Note: When we start valuing individuals of good character more than those of position...then we will move toward greatness once again.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 2-26-09