Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Arizona Man Who Has Turned Over 12,000 Illegals To The Border Patrol Is Being Sued For $32 Million By 16 Of Them!

Roger Barnett (64 years old) of Douglas, Arizona lives in a town bordering Mexico and the United States. He lives just 233 miles from Phoenix, which is now dubbed the kidnapping capital of America, reporting 370 cases last year. They rank second in the world (with Mexico City sitting at number one). Since 1998 Mr. Barnett has tried to stop illegal citizens of Mexico (and God knows where else) from entering the U.S. via his property, a 22,000-acre ranch. Barnett is now being slapped with an astounding $32 million lawsuit initiated by 16 Mexican illegals who are bent out of shape because he stopped them and held them at gunpoint until U.S. Border Patrol officers could take custody of them. They are accusing Mr. Barnett of conspiring to violate their civil rights! Never mind the fact that he only started rounding up illegals when vandalism escalated to the point where they tore up water pumps, destroyed fences, stole vehicles, killed livestock, and broke into his home. Now, this is the critical point I'd like to make with regard to Roger's plight...He has turned over 12,000 illegal aliens to the Border Patrol over the past ten years! I guess my question here...and I hope your's as well...would be obvious. Where in the world is the government of the United States when a person has to go out on his own to protect his home and family? I feel that Roger Barnett could make a strong case against the Federal government of the United States and their negligence to defend him when he is being attacked by members of a foreign nation and they are failing to "provide for the common defense and general welfare of the U.S." (Preamble to the Constitution of the United States). Our Constitution gives the government certain powers that allow it to keep the peace. When crime crosses state borders, federal police agencies, like the FBI, can swoop in to protect the lives of citizens and their property. Where are they? With drug cartels running drugs, guns, and men/women across the borders between Mexico and the United States, don't you think 12,000 illegals constitutes a little protection for Roger Barnett? I'm sure he would "stand down" if the government would "stand up"...for its citizens.

Note: When the government fails to protect its citizens, to whom can we turn?

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 2-11-09