Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama Doesn't Need The Fairness Doctrine To Squelch Conservative Talk Shows...He's Got The FCC Working It Via Localism!

President Barack Obama is starting his encroachment on one of America’s fundamental rights… Freedom of Speech. It will involve subtle steps which millions of American’s will only scratch their heads and wonder about, at first. When they finally wake up, they will see that our precious freedom is shackled. Then small huddled groups will talk in hushed voices wondering what they can do. Well, if we are going to do anything, we had better do it now! We need some champions for the cause and they don’t have to carry a weapon…just a gift of gab. I am talking about a filibuster! But first, let’s see what is unfolding step-by-step.

1. We know that the President has begun his move against talk radio.
2. Obama goes on record cleverly saying he is against the “Fairness Doctrine”.
3. There is an FCC rule called “localism”. Radio and television stations are required to provide programming which serves local communities in order to keep their licenses.
4. Obama will use vague rules on the books to strong-arm any stations daring to air conservative programming which is syndicated.
Note: On September 20, 2007 now President Obama submitted a written state-ment to the FCC which was pro-localism. He only needs three votes from the five FCC members to swing the definition of localism his way.
5. Since John Podesta (President and CEO of the Center for American Progress) is head of Obama’s transition team I am sure he will be a key player. In 2007 they provided a report whereby they waxed eloquently about the excessive amount of conservative talk radio because of “the absence of localism in American radio markets”. Is it surprising that Mr. Podesta chose the FCC’s transition team head? Well, he did! One Henry Rivera (he has a law firm), who coincidentally…ahem…has been the Minority Media Telecommunications Council chairman.
6. Broadcasters would probably have to skirt the business leaders and look for civic and non-profit representatives (like minority groups) who have been under served by the industry.
Note: Why doesn’t anyone want to assimilate anymore? When I visit foreign countries…and when I lived in one…I didn’t expect them to speak English. I conformed!
7. Here is a shocker! Kevin Martin is the current FCC chairman, an advocate of localism, and used to be employed by Rivera’s law firm. Less than a month ago Mr. Martin announced that he wanted to make localism one of his pet projects.
Note: All radio and television stations need an FCC license to legally operate in the United States.
Broad casters need to get involved...NOW! They need to inform their Congressional representatives (since we now know they vote on bills they don’t read) about the stealth dangers of the FCC proposals. Speak up Americans…while you still can!

Note: If we cannot speak in public places
We cannot look at public faces
Who spark the actions life embraces
And keeps all liberties...not their traces.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 02-18-09