Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If It's Not A Bill...It's Not A Done Deal!

Today the senate approved the $838 Billion Recovery Package to the shock and dismay of millions of Americans who fear the debt which will burden several generations to come, cause inflation, and allow the government to gain further control over citizens of the United States. The list does not stop there, however, this article is about the “Package”. Now, there is still hope that the fat will continue to drip off the legislation as things continue to heat up, through discovery of Americans, since both the House and Senate versions were published. Pressure and good old fashioned correspondence, from constituents, is just what the House and Senate need. Let's call it a Valentine. Remind the House Reps that their term is only two years and the Senators that, even though their term is six years, one third of them are up for election every two years. Are you feeling a bit more powerful America? The balance of power in the Senate could swing (and I feel should swing) quickly. President Obama is visiting receptive locations in the United States in an attempt to promote this economic rescue plan while hoping for a signature to be placed on the legislation by February 16th, which is President’s Day and his deadline. It seems to be that he is fleeing the very location he needs to be entrenched in, Washington. If this future bill is so important then why doesn’t he have a “lock-in” with the House and Senate leaders who will try to mesh two different approaches to the same goal in a "conference committee". According to FOX News: Those negotiations, which Reid said would start Tuesday afternoon, could drive up the price tag of the bill as each chamber fights for its priorities. Democrats have a major concern. If their bill version is altered too dramatically they could risk the loss of one or more of the three Republican Senators who supported it in its current form. The Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM) is one item labeled “uncuttable”. It prevents middle class citizens from getting stuck paying the brunt of higher taxes. There you have it. WE THE PEOPLE have to keep the pressure on Congress so we won’t feel as much pressure on us,via our wallets, when it is passed.

Note: Let’s send Congressional leaders a Valentine…before they kiss our money good-bye.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 02-10-09