Monday, June 15, 2009

Americans Have A Powerful Ally...If We Will Use Him

Being Republicans, Democrats, or Independents should never matter as long as we are first and foremost…Christians. For too long people have been evolving into self absorbed individuals who base their decisions upon their own well being...leading to an unquenchable greed that has rocked literally the entire world. How has that been working for us? Countless times we have looked over our accomplishments while overlooking our shortcomings? If people have no belief in God…then I feel sorry for them because, in times of hardship and trouble, they have no “comforter” or advocate. I once knew a mother with two beautiful children. The father took them to church while she stayed at home. One day her son (5) was given an unfortunate diagnosis and she was told that one of his testicles would have to be removed. I went to the hospital, prior to surgery, to be with her. Of course…I asked her if we could pray together. She said that she could not, but that if I wanted to…it would be okay with her. Well, I prayed…and she listened. I must admit my surprise that a mother would not even pray to God on her own child’s behalf. After surgery, baffled doctors came out of the operating room with smiles, saying that there had been every indication of a serious problem…but the boy was repaired and thus spared (the removal). Oddly enough…she told the doctors that I had said a prayer for her son. A doctor replied, “That must have been some prayer!” Actually, it was “SOME GOD”. People…we’ve got problems in America, but we also have an Ally. Stop feeling “down” and start looking “up”! We need to pray often and fast frequently to overcome this worldwide crisis. Ungodliness is the worst pandemic we will ever face because it doesn’t restrict itself to the body…and it lasts an eternity.

Note: God never puts a lock on his door.
May God bless America…and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 6-16-09