Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama's New Math Is Actually Skew Math

When I was in school they taught me to make sure my presentations were concise and factual. I was to utilize infallible statistics to back up conclusions and was not to leave room for conjecture. “Hypothesis” was only appreciated in the science lab. The teachers knew if I tried to “skew” with my point of view. Pretty much, that is what is being taught in schools across the nation today. So why is President Obama’s new math turning into Skew Math? Doesn’t he realize that math is the pure science? It has been dubbed “pure” because it uses no experiments or observations…only reason and logic. Unfortunately, his administration’s presentations are becoming…well…laughable. I know they are receiving guidance from the liberal left, however, his tsars’ attempts to tweak, leave them appearing weak. The President can have Geithner and Company crunch numbers till the cows come home, but they still will not add up. When the head of a household screws-up the family’s finances it can involve losing a home. When the head of a country screws-up the nation’s finances…well…you get my point.

Note: The Constitution has an outlined system of CHECKS AND BALANCES. The President can protest all he wants to…BUT…this so-called “tsar status” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and the tsars…like it or not…fall under the Executive Branch and are therefore “CHECKABLE”. Just take them to court!

May God bless America…and may America deserve it!
Zanne Booker 6-23-09