Friday, September 26, 2008

Going To Washington Showed Presidential Wisdom

Personally, I think the two candidates going to Washington showed leadership and wisdom. If one were going to head a country, in less than 40 days, which was entertaining the idea of doling out a Trillion dollars, I would definitely want to put my 2 cents in (2 cents sounds so insignificant here). I would want to look each one of the keyplayers in the eye, when they tried to display partisanship over Americanship, and remind them that it was their stewardship (both parties) that almost left Main Street with a sinking ship. America's financial and homeland security has been compromised. This time there are no innocent bystanders in Congress or on Wall Street. Roll up you sleeves, swallow your pride, and do what's right for America.

Zanne Booker 9-26-08

Note: If you are unsure about a candidate to vote for (in your county or state) you can leave that particular box unmarked on the ballot and still vote for the next President and other politicians you know. This is more responsible than voting blindly.