Monday, September 29, 2008

Political Polls and Bragging Rights

Well, it is less than forty days away from the election and sadly it comes with baggage in the form of the Wall Street debacle. What I would like everyone to do is focus on the election, the candidates, the issues, but not the polls. Polls are continually being skewed. What is the reason for this distortion you may ask? Because people like to have bragging rights and some are easily swayed to change their minds, as the election draws closer, based on the ever changing polls. In the presidential election of 1948 every prediction with public opinion polls indicated President Harry S. Truman would be defeated by Thomas Dewey; but it did not happen. I have voted for Presidential candidates from both parties in my lifetime. I always walked out of the election booth with my head held high because I had been a part of the process and voted my conscience. I had not let myself deviate from doing what I thought was right for me, my family, or America. And that is something to brag about.

Zanne Booker 9-30-08

Note: Freedom starts in your soul and ends in your grasp.