Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Wall Street Solution

I said previously that the United States should not treat the election like a football rivalry; however, healthy competition may be just what we need with regard to this Wall Street debacle. Since a trillion dollars is only 1,000 times a billion (in America) maybe we should put the top college students of our nation to work on the problem with a prize of a mere billion dollars. I can just see teams (comprised of business and economic majors) pouring over flowcharts and crunching numbers with the perfect game plan and budget for those greedy Wall Street executives. They would be able to pay off their student loans and have a little spending money left (even after the inflation rate took its toll). I would trust these “outsiders” with the trillion dollars; they don’t have any allegiances to companies or lobbyists yet. It’s strictly business!

Zanne Booker 9-23-08

Note: We'd better clean our house or someone will clean our clock!