Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Acts of Treason?

Well, here we are still watching the news and waiting to hear our nation’s fate with regard to the bailout. Wall Street is starting to squirm a little more as Congress balks at giving the money “carte blanche” to a chosen few. The FBI is springing into action investigating the “paper trails” and those who left them. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told the House Financial Services Committee that "The American people are angry about executive compensation and rightfully so…" Angry? CAN ANYONE SAY “TREASON”? When executives deliberately act in an egregious manner that undermines the government, it surely qualifies. We are not talking stealing from a piggy bank here, we are witnessing the very foundation of our economy being weakened which leaves us vulnerable to the outside world. When those at the top wield this kind of power they are commanders of the U.S. financial army. Instead of fearing their parting “parachute package” may be lighter, they should count themselves lucky that they are not facing the gallows!

Zanne Booker 9-24-08

Note: A "Checks and Balance" system needs to be implemented on
Wall Street...just to keep things kosher.