Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Smoke Screen

The "blame game" continues and so does the problem on Wall Street. Could it just be possible that one of the reasons the barbs continue is because politicians (and lobbyists) need a smoke screen to cloud their part in this financial fiasco? After all, election time is a poor time to have this full disclosure of corruption (on both sides). The winner of the race for the White House will ease either party's embarrassment temporarily, but the beast is too big to hide. History (and the FBI) will record who did what and when. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. We have an election and a monetary crisis facing America and we have to treat them as two separate entities. The new President will not have to solve or fix this dollar disaster by himself so let's think about the part we can play in the recovery effort. Vote for the man who will best represent America in times of crisis and periods of prosperity. Don't get lost in the "smoke" and lose your focus.

Zanne Booker 10-01-08

Note: If we are weak it is because we lack courage.