Monday, September 22, 2008

America's Radio Free Europe

America’s Radio Free Europe

Adults are sending a horrible message to the nation’s youth when they act like it is okay to misbehave during Presidential election times. Young people are getting the idea that it is permissible to hack into people’s personal emails (Federal offense), post “doctored” pictures on the internet of the people they dislike, perform any number of deplorable acts, or say anything (made up) while hiding behind “freedom of speech”. Please, let’s be responsible here. Don’t treat the election like a football rivalry! If you are going to complain about a candidate then talk issues, voting records, and party platforms. Maybe you are afraid you don’t know enough…then read. Go beyond the things friends, party members, or your favorite news channels say. If you can’t find an unbiased news source then ask around…they are out there. Granted it is getting harder to find reliable newspapers and news programs. The “sin of omission” and “spin” only leave us angry, fearful, and negative. Quite frankly, I do wonder about the future. Who will be America’s RADIO FREE EUROPE?

Zanne Booker 9-22-08

Note: You can listen politely to anyone’s opposing political views and still remain friends;
the exception would be if they are a threat to national security.