Sunday, January 18, 2009

Congress Needs Constituent Input To Properly Output!

It is so easy for Americans to sit back and criticize members of the House and Senate. We shake our heads and wonder "What are they thinking?" when they move “wrongly” to the right or the left of an issue, that we feel should have been a no-brainer. WE THE PEOPLE need to remember that they were sent to Washington to represent their constituents (us). If we do not tell them what we want, frequently and in large numbers, the old saying THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE comes into play. Keep in mind that the “squeaker” is not usually the majority or necessarily operating in the category of “DO THE RIGHT THING”. We need to become pen pals with our representatives to give them clear guidelines as to what we want, ultimatums should they not listen (e.g. they will lose our vote and financial support), and courage. Yes, courage. They are far from home and facing a sea of congressional peers and lobbyists who use tactics ranging from intimidation to “rosey-picture" painting...and they can and do veer off course. Correspondence from constituents is like a letter from home. It lifts their spirits, keeps them “in touch”, and restores focus. If one writes a congressman or congresswoman today, one will find he/she can only send emails to their designated representatives. This is mainly because they want to "zero in" on the people they personally serve. Congressional representatives are not mind readers. If we do not provide them with frequent input…and they are left to their own devices...we could be looking at garbage in/garbage out legislative decisions. Haven’t we seen enough of that? Below I have posted a website to assist you in contacting your Congressional Representatives. It is Herman Cain’s website and it provides information everyone should be aware of (good and bad) coming out of Washington. America…let’s get writing!

Note: The price of freedom was loss of lives; the loss of freedom could be lack of initiative.

Congressional representatives can be found at the website below:

May God bless America…and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 01-18-09