Thursday, January 22, 2009

Socialists In Congress Are Using Wealth Redistribution In The Stimulus Package...Excluding Some Whites

The Reverend Martin Luther King would be appalled if he were alive today. Not at the sea of white and black voters who have painstakingly tried to reverse the barriers of racism, in the United States, but in some of the leaders of the black community and congress who have tried to resurrect them. It is a new tool of manipulation ultimately designed to place a wedge between blacks and whites thus distracting us from their socialist goals. Yes, socialists are people of all races. Every ounce of Martin Luther King's zeal was aimed at one goal...unity. I would have been on the side of abolitionists if I had lived back in that time period. I never treated anyone with disrespect. I never passed up an opportunity to help someone regardless of the color of his/her skin. I never failed to pay my taxes. So, I should expect to receive assistance from a stimulus package clearly earmarked for American citizens just as African Americans should...and "white male construction workers". You might check out the website below and listen to what appears to be a carefully orchestrated dialogue between Rep. Charlie Rangel (D) and Dr. Robert Reich (Obama adviser). Their conversation is calling for "quotas" in an attempt to move quickly "mandated" policies of social engineering entwined with wealth redistribution. Have you noticed that everything lately is being presented with attention to speed? If we do things "quickly" we do not have time to think about better solutions...or ramifications. Socialists in congress are painting other members, who are "pondering" legislation (using good judgment and showing wisdom), as nearly UNAMERICAN. The "others" are in fact being good stewards of our freedoms and taxpayer dollars. This is no longer a case of Republicans against Democrats or one ethnic group against another. This is one of all Americans against socialism. If socialists can get us to fight amongst ourselves then they can work behind the scenes on their takeover. America can go from capitalism to socialism/communism in under four years... one Presidential term.

Note: Short-term memory (historically) can have long term effects (tragically).

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 01-23-09

Blog date 01-22-09 correction: Caroline Kennedy had an issue regarding her "nanny" and not her housekeeper.