Wednesday, January 7, 2009

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To...But They Could Again

In the now tainted halls of the U.S. Congress are images of some of the greatest lawgivers throughout history. The honored include persons such as Thomas Jefferson, Moses, and Suleyman. Suleyman the Lawgiver lived from 1494-1566 and, as a muslim, was required to follow (and lead) in accordance with Islamic law...therefore he granted freedom of worship to other religious groups/communities, particularly to Christians and Jews. His law code called for penalties for various types of criminal acts and for bureaucratic and financial corruption. He sought to reduce bribes, did not permit imprisonment without a trial, and rejected promotions that were not based on merit. He also introduced the idea of a balanced budget for governments.
I suggest the U.S. Congress take a walking tour of these hallowed halls to gain inspiration and, perhaps, question their own integrity. Many Americans feel like they don't make politicians like they used to, however, miracles happen.

Note: Every intentionally bad or greed driven decision a politician makes is a betrayal of trust...and an act of treason.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it.

Zanne Booker 01-07-09