Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How To Keep Up With America's Three-Ring Circus

Today it is so important for Americans to learn the fine art of mental-multitasking. Our nation has become a three-ring circus with vital information being doled out daily (and simultaneously) in a wild and confusing manner. We are going to have to step back and look at the "mess" much like we would if we were going to clean out a disorganized child's room. The unimportant things are tossed and the "like items" are consolidated and prioritized. Most politicians would rather we just let them take care of things...as usual...and not bother ourselves with the nasty business of the economy, the political dramas (continually unfolding), or the President-elect's top official picks. How has that been working for us so far? I know (and they know) that we had rather be talking on the phone or playing tennis (I'm a racquetball person myself) but we are going to have to grow up, listen up, store up, before our only choice is to shut up! Now, the best way to approach this journey toward enlightenment is to simply begin. If you can not store and retain huge amounts of data...know you are not alone. Use a computer (or a tablet) and just write down the political players, their affiliations, and your views on their views. Do not write paragraphs. Feel free to use a form of short hand or "fragmented" sentences. You do not have to follow everything in the news...prioritize. If you are not a reader then turn off one or two soaps or sports programs and turn on the news. If you have been out of touch for a while then I will inform you that not all media sources are unbiased. Even Democrats have been seeking information from FOX News. From time-to-time go outside of the country, via the internet, to see what other nations (who like us) are saying about our dramas. The BBC is an interesting source. Google it! We have got to stay on top of things or run the risk of ending up on the bottom. If you won't do it for yourself then do it for your children. Our lack of Washington and Wallstreet stewardship has already put a financial burden on our children and grandchildren. Let's not add to the mix the loss of even one of their Constitutional freedoms!

Note: When we get comfortable...we are most vulnerable.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 01-06-09