Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Don't Ask, Don't Tell To Become Oh, Well?...Or Is It Just Another Diversion?

It is getting harder and harder to choose which shell the ball is under during this political makeover game. Americans are being attacked on multiple fronts with bad or disturbing news from Washington and Wallstreet. At times, it is difficult to decipher just who's playing who. There is nothing more distracting than a good controversy, in this case gays in the military, to provide a smokescreen for touchy issues like the pending Secretary of Treasury choice Timothy Geithner's tax problems. This screen possibly has a smoke cloud big enough to cover several other "Oh, My Goodness" moments...if we let it. President-elect Obama has straddled the fence for years, even saying he "generally" (a very safe stance) opposed the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy during an interview with a gay magazine. The gay community realizes it could take months before any kind of agreement could be made between military leaders and lawmakers so, be aware of it, do what is necessary e.g., write your congressmen/congresswomen, and stay on top of the issues which matter most to you. WE THE PEOPLE will have to wean ourselves off of the video games, Blackberries, and other distractions of the world and read about political issues for ourselves, rather than let the information (politicians want us to know about) be spoon-fed to us via biased and questionable media sources. If you can use Google then Google your congressional representatives and voice your opinion. Obama used the internet to run his campaign effectively and it is time conservatives learned to use it "tactically" as well. Pick a nice unbalanced website, like FOX News, and get with the real reality...America's future!

Edward Bulwer-Lytton quote: THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.
One could only wonder what he would say about the internet.

Note: Most Americans are naive and think that because we are not shooting at each other it means we are not at war. Wake up!

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 01-14-09