Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elkhart, Indiana's Unemployment Rate Spikes 16% In One Year!

This evening Governor Mike Huckabee’s television program showcased Elkhart, Indiana…the hardest hit town in the United States during these tough economic times. The small Hoosier town has witnessed an unemployment rate leap from 4% to approximately 20% in one year’s time. Elkhart is the home of the RV industry boasting that 75% of all RVs are made in their locale. But that’s not their only business. They exist like millions of towns across America, who have a wide variety of businesses, a strong dependable workforce, and room for new industries to thrive. To date, they have only received $1 million of the $92 million requested (to create 2,310 jobs). Oddly enough, President Obama started his “appeal to main street” tour, in Elkhart. His purpose was to rally support for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan…And it was very appealing. Obama had words of encouragement: I promised you back then that if elected President, I would do everything I could to help this community recover. And that's why I've come back today - to tell you how I intend to keep that promise. Wow! He also seemed to have his finger on the pulse of their plight when he said, “If you don’t have money, you can’t spend it. And if you don’t spend it, our economy will continue to decline.” Well, they don’t have money, can’t spend money they don’t have, and their economy is declining. What’s the hold up? President Obama is starting to sound like a sociopath. See H. Cleckley and R. Hare’s list of sociopathic traits. Isn’t it odd that Obama has all of these platitudes, trite remarks and statements expressed as if it were original or significant, yet he seems to have no inclination to actually put words into action. He has the stimulus money (which is really our money) yet it still flows to “Wall Street”. Americans are truely starting to question Obama's abilities in the White House...he just may be too overwhelmed. Or maybe he can't make a decision. Let me help you. GIVE ELKHART THE MONEY! Governor Huckabee had a great line when he said, “I believe that Elkhart will thrive again, but not because of the Federal Government, but in spite of it!” All America is needing is one sign that Washington gives a flip to what happens on “Main Street”. One theory I have is that President Obama…and the Democrats…are grandstanding, at our expense, so when the "moola" comes down it will be closer to election time and they will be hailed as conquering heroes. The other involves Obama’s march toward socialism…or worse. WE THE PEOPLE don’t have time for this! Timothy Geithner needs to spend less time crunching numbers and more time writing checks! Let’s start with one made out to Elkhart, Indiana for $91 million. That’s how much you seem to have shorted them! You can even do direct deposit, Tim.

Note: If America's hope is locked inside a Democratic vault it is time to give someone else the combination.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 03-21-09