Thursday, March 12, 2009

John Kerry Seeks Ratification For LOST Proposal Which Could Give The U.N. Authority...Clear Up The Mississippi!

Just when we thought the United States couldn’t be attacked on anymore fronts…enter Senator John Kerry, D-Mass. When an economy is weakened it cripples a nation. Well, the sharks are circling, and in this case literally, the waters of the United States! The Senate (socialists faction) is revving up to ratify a U.N. treaty that could (that means will) give the U.N. power claims over AMERICAN WATERWAYS! (Reuters). Let’s break it down. It is meant to create universal laws to govern the seas. The United Nations (they are not an honest lot) will regulate everything from fishing rights and navigation lanes to ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS! This last one weilds authority ranging from seabed oil and mineral wealth (exploration and drilling) to submarine and naval ship maneuvers. This treaty would (here comes “the word”) REDISTRIBUTE America’s profits and extend U.N. authority...all the way up the Mississippi River! Now this project (LOST) has been in the works since 1973. Are we surprised that 157 nations have signed on to the treaty? Kerry is its champion and stated, “…the key here is just timing…how we proceed.” Hillary Clinton (socialist) said this treaty "will have a very receptive audience in our State Department and in our administration." Hillary, honey, have you (and Obama) heard of terrorism? How about national security? 9-11? Just how can this be good for the Navy? Unless you didn’t mean the United States Navy. This is a homeland security nightmare! If we don’t act now and write now…we will be sold down the river! LOST has even managed to unify environmental groups. Now they are just the ones I want to extend power to…How about you? Critics say clauses built into the treaty could directly harm American interests. They say it could force the U.S. to comply with unspecified environmental codes, and that the treaty gives environmental activists the legal standing to sue over river pollution and shut down industry, simply because rivers feed into the sea. Joseph Abrams (FOXNEWS). According to a 2008 Supreme Court reading: The treaty allows environmental groups to bring lawsuits to the Law of the Sea Tribunal in Germany, a panel of 21 U.N. judges who would have say over pollution levels in American rivers. I am thinking that we could be seriously screwed here! Do we have 21 major countries who like us? Our money, yes, but us...No. Now the proposal hovers around 150 pages so we can assume the Senators haven’t read it…so…Let’s write our Senators, tell them what’s in it, tell them not to pass it, and tell them our country’s waterways (clear up the Mississippi) are not for Russian, Chinese, or Iranian pleasure cruises…of any kind!

Note: A red herring by any other name still smells fishy!

It's time to be pen-pals with our Congressional leader. Go to this website to obtain their email addresses:

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 3-12-09