Friday, March 20, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Defines "Un-American"...Incorrectly

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is a Californian who is perpetually seeking re-election. It is no secret that California has an extremely high Hispanic population...many are illegal or have friends and relatives who hold that status. She recently addressed a “mixed” group, one of both legal and illegal Hispanics, and told them that existing immigration laws (as practiced) were “un-American” while she condemned raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Now, let me refresh your memory, Ms. Pelosi. There are immigration laws and procedures in place...not just in America, but all over the world. They were established (and necessary) for national security reasons, health related issues, and economic stability purposes. Had they entered the country through proper channels they would not have become a potential security risk, health hazard, and/or tax burden on the very people who are the “true” Americans (of all races). Clearly, you were pandering to a crowd of potential constituents while insulting Americans (which include the Hispanic immigrants who played by the rules) when you were at the St. Anthony’s rally. Nancy Pelosi resounded, "You are special people. You're here on a Saturday night to take responsibility for our country's future. That makes you very, very patriotic." What?! Have you handed the country (or a portion) over to the Mexican government...or is that Obama’s next revelation? Please, allow me to present a scenario to parallel the plight of America. Let’s pretend that you are giving a dinner party for fifty people and two additional people, just show up. You are not quite sure if they are friends or relatives of the original fifty, however, you are a gracious host so you find a place for them to sit and stretch your food and beverages (resources) to accommodate the extra people. When the party is over everyone goes home except the two “party crashers”. You are a little surprised, but you make room for them in your guest room and know you will send them on their way after breakfast. The next morning, you come down the stairs and are greeted by the smell of coffee perking and sizzling bacon...and the hedges have been trimmed. The guests have made themselves at home, however, they have made themselves useful, as well. You smile wryly because you hate to get up early and make breakfast for the family and those hedges are a nightmare to trim. So, you make room for the visitors...on a temporary basis. A few months later you notice they have frequent friends stopping by, eating your food, sleeping on your couch, and using up all of the hot water. You have also noticed your bills are increasing...and your income is not. When you ask them to leave they refuse and start making demands. The law enforcement agencies you contact, to have them evicted, say their hands are tied and the government, who is supposed to be your advocate, sides with the “party crashers”. Are you getting my drift? Enough is enough! WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with being hosts to illegal aliens. We cannot afford it and it is presenting security risks, on both state and national levels, for all American citizens. Check out the drug wars neighboring our borders, the drug trafficking crossing our borders, and the kidnappings (Phoenix is now the 2nd leading kidnapping the world). These "patriot illegals" flood our workplaces (without paying taxes), place their children in our schools (supported by taxes paid by Americans) and seek medical attention in hospitals. The health and legal requirements to enter this country have been ignored for literally millions of your supposedly “very, very patriotic” people. If you can’t see (or refuse to see) the big is time for retirement, Nancy! America, wake up and smell the coffee...they are trimming the hedges as we speak!

Note: When the American government chooses to advocate for illegal aliens over its own we have a government?

Another Note: Take solace in the fact that all of the House of Representatives have only two year terms and that 1/3 of the Senate comes up for re-election every two years.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 3-20-09