Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama Might Allow Military Equipment Sales To Libya

The United States leadership is making me crazy! They are considering military equipment sales to Libya, home of Qaddafi…the one Ronald Reagan called the “mad dog of the Middle East”. Can’t we just send them a fruit cake at Christmas? As Americans, we are supposed to feel comforted by the fact that “Q” decided to shun terrorism in 2003 (just six, short years ago). Additional repentance came with Libya’s decision to give up weapons of mass destruction…Oh, yeah…there was also that Pan Am bombing incident which they are more than anxious, now, to settle claims for. Condoleezza Rice (September 5, 2008) said, “The United States, I’ve said many times, doesn’t have any permanent enemies.” Apparently, America’s current leadership doesn’t have long-term memory either. We are getting entirely to cozy with “coup conspirators”. Qaddafi is known for often unpredictable behavior and has cultivated images as both an Arab potentate and African monarch since taking power in a 1969 coup. Fox News, September 5, 2008. The United States’ policy (to date) has disallowed anything in the “lethal” arena to go to this country. Well, if short-term memory is all we’ve got then let’s pray that some of it becomes long-term. Medically it can, but it involves a process of “meaningful association"…if our leaders can recall. In a televised address Qaddafi said that he did not think of the United States as a friend or an enemy. Incidentally, he did not think of us as an ally either. Maybe President Obama is thinking of the quote: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Sun-tzu (Chinese general ~400 BC). Mr. President…he did not mean to give them weapons while they were closer! There is that “fine line” between love and…well…you know. We could just be quoting Shakespeare next: Et tu, Brute?

Note: If you want to send a "message" to Washington...don't use big words!

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 3-06-09