Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Clinton Foundation Donor List Raises Eyebrows And Questions

Now, I know we have been talking in the billions of dollars range recently and that the mere mention of an amount smaller is...well...seemingly insignificant. STOP! Let's get back to reality, shall we? The Clinton Foundation Donor List (that would be "major donor" list) has finally been released. Americans had some concerns over possible conflict of interest scenarios should Hillary Clinton become the next Secretary of State. Pretty much it would be a case of America's interests versus Bill Clinton's international business and fundraising deals. In the "Greater than $25,000,000" catagory it sports...The Children's Investment Fund Foundation. My questions: How much greater? Shouldn't a former U.S. President decline that type of money for a mere library when the foundation is geared toward financing programs for underprivileged children? NBC's Domenico Montanaro wrote, "There's very little information on the London-based group's Web site as to the source of the funds." Why is that? The press will have a field day (along with other amateur and specialized sleuths) digging for the dirt. Time will tell. I suggest you read Mr. Montanaro's report at the following website:

Moving right along...Former President Bill Clinton's donor list is frocked with donations from foreign governments and business interests which could (possibly) influence Hillary's dealings with the donor countries, while carrying out America's policies as Secretary of State. Maybe we should have an understudy to the Secretary of State position, should Senator Clinton have to recuse herself due to conflict of interest occurrences. Unfortunately, that would be quite a few times. Maybe we should keep the senate seat open should she have to slide back into it. After all, didn't she suggest that she was happy just being a senator from the great state of New York?

Note: The higher one ascends in politics, the lower the expectations of full disclosure.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-18-08