Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is The Only Thing Americans Get To Do Is The Math?

I'm confused. The Automakers-3 wanted 25 billion (at first), now they want 34 billion, and the White House in concert with Congress may give them only 15 billion, from an alternative research and development stash (that few people knew anything about). Let's see...34 billion minus 15 billion is...Yep! It's 19 billion short of the what the Big-3 now wants. And it is also 10 billion short of the now inadequate 25 billion. Can anyone just say "NO" anymore? The bailout money was taxpayer generated and the "energy-efficient" fund was taxpayer generated. It's like telling your children that they can not steal money in the kitchen, but they can in the living room. Evidently, legislation is being drawn up this weekend as a "lifeline" due to Congress stonewalling the release of bailout funds. There is a new twist to any further "magic money". There would be the creation of a trustee or group of industry overseers to assure the money was used for its "intended" purpose. STOP! BACK UP! No one person should be in charge of that large a sum. CHECKS AND BALANCES IS NOT JUST FOR JUDICIAL, LEGISLATIVE, AND EXECUTIVE BRANCHES ANYMORE! Let's move on...but not far. Why in the world wasn't this overseer "group" in place for every single dollar of the bailout money? FAST FORWARD. Bush feels like one of the Big Three might fold due to the economic crisis. Well, pick the one and deny them funding rather than prolong the inevitable. The two left standing should proceed to bankruptcy restructuring and push the UAW back toward its intended purpose...if they can still recall it. But, that's another blog. Congress should continue to hold their ground...which is taxpayer generated.

Note: It is always nicer to recall who you work for than to be reminded.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-06-08