Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reader Comment Segment: My Question...Not My Blog

I know that the original term GRANDFATHER CLAUSE was not used for my question's purpose. It had to do with slave suppression and voting. -Fast forward- According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex (legal section) this is one of the current definitions for being "grandfathered in". 1) a clause in a statute or zoning ordinance (particularly a city ordinance) which permits the operator of a business or a land owner to be exempt from restrictions on use if the business or property continues to be used as it was when the law was adopted. Upon passage of the statute or regulation, the specific property may be referred to as "grandfathered in."

This is my question. Wouldn't public Christmas decorations and mentions of God be "grandfathered in" even on government land or in government buildings, which are actually owned by the taxpayers?

I'd love to hear your comments...LET'S HEAR SOME CHATTER OUT THERE!