Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Bailout Will Be A Legacy Left To Several Generations

We have too many distractions in the world today. Multitasking has been taken to a whole new level and we spend our days depending on fortuitous circumstances to acquire the national news necessary to make us informed individuals. WE THE PEOPLE need a plan and it needs to include prioritizing. This “bailout” is not something we can store in short term memory. It's not going away anytime soon and the ramifications will be a legacy left to several generations. Just how many might very well be up to us. While we are juggling busy schedules, gathering information, and trying to find scraps of time for ourselves, remember that being proactive (by staying on our representatives) is one of the few options we still possess. If we don't stay "on task" we can not possibly keep this bailout "on track" and "on budget". Let's give Congress a sense of direction to replace the "hither and thither" we now know existed. They should know that their G.P.S. will come in the form of our V-O-T-E when election time comes around. Hopefully, that will keep them moving in the right direction. We owe it to our great-great grandchildren.

Note: If we can not read the truth then we can not know the truth. With the corruption in the U.S. media today...who will be our Radio Free Europe?

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-09-08