Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Could Hope Be On The Horizon Via Herman Cain?

After being literally slammed by the events of 2008, all I wanted for Christmas was some "hope" for 2009. Well, it may just be that it is on the horizon, via Herman Cain, who is starting an Intelligent Thinkers Movement! He, incidentally, was one of my top three picks for President of the United States (2008). Sadly, he did not run. This radio talk-show host graduated from Morehouse College (1967) and received his Master of Science Degree from Purdue University (1971). Excerpts from Mr. Cain's website/radio show are written below:

The voice of “we the people” has been hijacked by partisan politics, government bureaucrats, and the influence of money on elections and legislation. To take back our government, we must be able to un-elect members of Congress on a timely basis, and dramatically influence their decisions while they are in office...We don’t need all 306 million citizens to be successful. We only need 100,000 voters per Congressional district for them to “see the light”. “We the people” can and will take back our government and the strategic direction of this Nation. It is our right and responsibility...This is NOT a republican, democrat, libertarian, conservative, liberal, or progressives movement. This is a “we the people” movement. According to Mr. Cain,"When They Feel the Heat, They Will See the Light."

Please check out his website: http://www.hermancain.com/hitm.asp
Turn your dial to The New Herman Cain ShowWeeknights 7pm-10pmOn News/Talk 750 WSB (wsbradio.com).

Lord John Dalberg-Acton once said, "Liberty, next to religion has been the motive of good deeds and the common pretext of crime..." Most politicians started out with the right intentions, however, somewhere along the way they got derailed. Their sense of right was overridden by their sense importance. Power replaced passion. Mainstreet was forgotten in Washington until election time when scraps of promises and propriety could get them elected one-more-time with the right "spin". We the People are just as much to blame since we have allowed ourselves to become too complacent, self-absorbed, and apathetic to get involved until something like the WALLSTREET FIASCO hits us right where it hurts...the money belt. Now, do we really want to sit idly by and wait for the next wave of doom or do we want to send a message to our "leaders" in Washington to do their jobs honorably? The choice has always been within our grasp. It has been the right organizational skills we lacked. Herman Cain is reaching out and he has the "know-how". Let's give him a shot!

Note: A few strategically placed "space heaters" can cause political illumination...and eviction.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-31-08