Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Does Caroline Kennedy Expect To Win On The "Birthright" Theme?

For fifty-some years Caroline Kennedy has lived in a world distanced from the political arena and the "scrutinizing" press. As an adult it was by choice. Americans (myself included) were surprised when she endorsed President-elect Obama...sort of. Her Uncle, Ted Kennedy, was struck by a medical condition and she was the likely high visibility Kennedy (especially since JFK was her father) to help "seal the deal". Aside from speaking at the 2000 Democratic Convention and being a part of Obama's vice-presidential search team (FOX News) her activities have been restricted largely to noble writings, board positions, and educational fund raising. Oh, yeah...she was also in 1994 the honorary chair of the American Ballet Theatre! If one were to take the "Kennedy name" out of the equation, would we be looking at her in the political-running for the New York U.S. Senate seat? How long is this Kennedy birthright mentality going to last? Was the Obama endorsement her ticket to ride or appease? These are serious times and we should not expect a self-imposed political wall flower to, all of a sudden, become the belle of the ball!

Check out this link to see the qualifications of Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Cuomo.

Note: If a rose smells as sweet by any other name, shouldn't a candidate's qualifications be...well, you get my point.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-16-08