Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When Is It Okay To Break A Promise...Politically?

I have been told by children that certain bits of information could not be divulged because they gave their word...they promised they wouldn't tell. Now, I can certainly respect that. However, if a child is withholding information which could save someone's life, prevent catastrophe, or end abuse I would say that the child had an obligation to tell, even if it meant the end of a friendship. No "oath taker" is a true friend if he/she is able to look into the coffin of the "oath maker" (and their demise could have been prevented) right? Tomorrow is a new day. We will see if the U.S. Senate run-off, which took place in Georgia today, will bring victory to the GOP candidate thus creating a buffer to shield against the Democratic prevention of any Republican filibuster endeavors. Sixty or more seats (of the possible 100) block Republicans from "fillibustering". Fortunately, I have heard Democrats voice concerns over the fading CHECKS AND BALANCE SYSTEM, which our Founding Fathers built in as a fail-safe against failure. Maybe they will vote Republican this one time. Currently the Democrats have 56 seats and are awaiting the outcome of the Georgia election and a recount in Minnesota. With 56 Senate seats to their credit, plus two independents who have "promised" to vote with Democrats, the nation is literally on thin ice. I am going back to the child's "promise" addressed earlier in this blog. If a child is able to break a promise for a "greater good", I can think of no better one for adults (or Independent United States Senators) than to save America from entombment. Let's hope the buffer grows by two...when it is crunch time!

Note: No "oath taker" is a true friend if he/she is able to look into the coffin of the "oath maker"...and their demise could have been prevented.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-02-08