Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe Blagojevich Can Stay In Office...Helping The Mail Clerks

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has met with the Illinois Supreme Court and received a surprising and disappointing refusal to hear a challenge to the fitness of Gov. Blagojevich to hold office. Even more frustrating was the news being delivered without comment. After all, one can not correct one's approach if one does not know what needs tweaking. Now, I am going to have to side with the court on this one...partly. She argues that his legal and political problems are keeping him from "performing his duties". Rest assured that the Governor has never been so focused on doing the right thing since he took office. He is, I'm sure, quite busy dotting his i's, crossing his t's, and covering his tracks to minimize the damage...which is probably not going to be totally possible since he has been a very bad boy. Additionally, the Attorney General argued that his deeds amounted to a disability. I would prefer the word liability. Something that, or in this case "someone who" holds one (or an entire state) back; a handicap. Currently, he could still fill the Obama senate seat. Wouldn't it be wild if he put a Republican in that spot? I do concur that his authority should be stripped until he has had his day(s) in court. "It is imperative that we begin to restore the people's confidence in their government," said Madigan. When a public official is being investigated for indecorous acts (AKA acts of impropriety) he should definitely the mailroom and help the clerks. I am assuming he is still drawing his paycheck...which is tax payer generated.

Note: If the courts serve a "trifled truffle", which is impossible to swallow, WE THE PEOPLE need to scrutinize the cooks.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-17-08