Sunday, December 14, 2008

Should Mitt Romney Be The Car Czar?

Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has some inherent qualities and inherited wisdom from his father, George Romney, who served as chairman of American Motors. Gov. Romney (Republican) is a Michigan native who supports the decision for Congress to resist the automakers' appeals for federal assistance...which was earmarked in October "solely" to help financial institutions. According to former Governor Romney, "They basically came to Washington and said give us a check so we can continue to fund business as usual." So far the White House has no expectations of a Monday announcement offering a dime to automakers, who suffer from self inflicted casualities. Still the UAW shows a stubborn streak which clearly reflects how out of touch they are with the overall economic crisis America faces. They don't feel the need to give up power or make concessions while they have senators like Senator Debbie Stabenow (Dem. Michigan) who thinks Republican leaders in the Senate do not want an agreement. I find it unfathomable that senators can not see that spending billions of dollars on bad investments with little accountibility is not a good thing. When the Car Czar cometh let's hope he/she has integrity, automaker know-how, and wisdom. I still think that no one person should be in charge of money in the billions, however, I'd sure feel less apprehension if Mitt went to Motown.

Note: It is never okay to repeat a decision if it was a bad one the first time.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 12-14-08