Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulation, President-Elect Obama

May I start by saying that, as a caucasian, I will never fully realize the significance of having an African American President in the White House. It is a symbolic end to a journey which started from unthinkable and deplorable conditions and progressed through seemingly insurmountable odds. Even though I did not vote for you (it was strictly politics) you are soon to President. Only a fool would wish failure on their nation's leader so I will pray for you and Senator Biden as I would have for John McCain and Sarah Palin. It will be a difficult road you travel and you will have to play the hand our nation has dealt you. Secrets will be unveiled that will startle and, perhaps, frighten you. You will recall that Vice President Harry Truman never knew about the atomic bomb until he became the President, after Roosevelt's death (because Roosevelt disliked him). Throngs of special interest groups with agendas (many hidden) will try to manipulate you. Woodworkers have an old saying: MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE. You are, after all, attempting to build a stronger nation than you inherited. Seek wise counsel before you cut spending or increase it, shake up people's lives or devastate them, or implement a law or revoke it. Make sure each short-term goal is leading toward a long-term solution. Remember to hug your wife and kids often for they will keep you focused. After all, it will be easier to face an adversary when you are right than your children when you are wrong. This is a blog of hope. I hope you will lead and make all Americans proud. Pray for are going to need it every day. May God bless America.

Zanne Booker 11-05-08

Note: Only a fool would wish failure on their nation's leader; pray for wisdom to be the President's constant companion.