Sunday, November 30, 2008

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say...Cliché ?

Political rhetoric is becoming cliché. I guess if politicians say something often and with authority they feel it will create a sudden immunity to the pain caused by the events described. 'Too big to fail' has to be one of my most favorite sayings to loathe. What they are really saying is the failure of these incompetently run institutions would be a miscarriage of justice because they have been around a long time, and sucked so many people into investing in them, that it is a tradition we can not possibly give up (especially since they have lined so many politicians' pockets). Why don't we just divide-up a failed "whatever" and throw a little healthy competition into the mix. The departments who do well get to keep up the good work. Those who can not grasp basic business concepts, and continue on a downward spiral, will be allowed to implode. Surely there is someway to dissect them. 'Slippery Slope' weighs in at number two. If one is on a slope, with very little likelihood of traction, one should merely take another course. However, politicians feel it is their own extreme sporting event with one "twist". The spectators (Americans) are the ones who feel the pain if anyone falls...or any business fails. 'Wall Street versus Main Street' could more accurately be conveyed as 'Wall Street and Washington versus Main Street'. We are not privy to insider secrets, dealings, or alliances. Our inclusion comes only when we are on the brink of disaster and then it is too late. We are expected to quietly wait for our fate and applaud any scrap of recovery. Congress can not point fingers or scramble fast enough when the shadows have been illuminated. Barney Frank, the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, has exhibited incompetence and should be asked, no told, to step down immediately. There are only two possibilities for him. Either the job was too big for him to handle or he refused to handle the job. I just said what I meant and meant what I said...

Note: When an orator can no longer distinguish between truth and lies it is time he or she defers to silence.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 11-30-08