Thursday, November 13, 2008

MSNBC Crawls Out Of Africa

Vetting is (for this blog's purpose) scrutinizing, examining, and evaluating a source prior to presenting sensitive information, divulged by the individual. Apparently, MSNBC ran an unvetted story on their network, during the presidential race for the White House, about Governor Sarah Palin, the GOP Vice Presidential candidate, in the 2008 Election... and it was false. Oh, shock and dismay! Now, evidently they were "hoodwinked" into believing that one of John McCain's advisers was indeed the culprit, who leaked the tidbit, that Governor Palin had "mistakenly believed Africa was a country instead of a continent" (FOX NEWS). A producer handed-off the information to David Schuster (anchorman) to report on the air. Jeremy Gaines (network spokesman) was quoted as saying, "We recognized the error almost immediately and ran a correction on air within minutes." Is anyone buying that story? I prefer my own. It goes something like this...They got it. They salivated. They schemed. They decided to use it...and then, after the damage was done...retract it. After all, a story like that would spread like a wildfire, which no retraction could extinguish. The 2008 campaign was run under the grimiest of conditions, starting with the media. It is interesting to note that MSNBC was reported as a victim. Before we get misty-eyed here, let's have a reality check. The only victim here is Sarah Palin! Has Dan Rather's fall from grace taught them nothing? Oh well, evidently all you have to say is "sorry" and all is forgiven.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 11-13-08

Note: I work in a public school setting and I am seeing the negative effects of corruption via the media, politicians, and ACORN-types, on our young people. Maybe President-Elect Obama can work on restoring honesty in America. Our children can only raise or lower the bar based on what they observe.