Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saying It Doesn't Make It So

Freedom of Speech (First Amendment) was never meant to protect individuals spewing out slanderous rhetoric (verbal defamation) or using libelous writings/pictures (written defamation). It is amazing that Americans have fallen into a paparazzi mentality and actually feel entitled to every facet of anyone's life. Maybe American's should "get a life"! Children and their adolescent problems should be off limits...enough said about that. If someone is a politician they truly have some explaining to do with regard to their own inappropriate actions and words, however, to whom should they explain it? There are, afterall, "verbal guerillas" who engage in warfare via harassment and personality sabotage. They duck in-and-out of the shadows lobbing strategically timed and placed comments leaked to the "appropriate" individual(s), hoping to elicit a negative response. They are rarely disappointed. Do they think they are soldiers of justice? Just the opposite is true. They are cowards (without honor) who evade counter-remarks, questions, and responsibility for their actions. They vilify without giving their victims an opportunity to nullify. Accusers, declare yourselves and let the record show that either someone is guilty as charged...or you are liars.


Zanne Booker 11-09-08

Note: If you can't back it up...back off!