Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Early So I Had A Wonderful Day

I voted early (late October) so today I had a wonderful day. Public schools were out in our county and I didn't have to go to work. My husband and I had a picnic while looking at a serene woodland view in ideal weather conditions. We stopped by a nearby polling station to record history with our cameras smiling at the long line, for two reasons. The first was totally selfish; we did not have to stand in it. The second was an expression of joy that Americans have the right to vote without fear of intimidation (minus a few episodes like the one in Philadelphia where a uniformed Black Panther, with a night stick, was asked to leave by local authorities). Moving right along...I got my hair cut, took a nap, and ended my day making my favorite blackberry pie. I can smell it now. It will either be a pie to celebrate my candidate's victory or comfort food. My husband asked me if I was going to stay up to watch the election returns and I told him I was not. I have blogged, encouraged apathetic acquaintances to vote, and shamed my lazy friends into standing in long lines (especially since they procrastinated). I have done all I can and, win or lose, I am going to get a good night's sleep. I'll wake up refreshed and able to face whatever tomorrow brings. Oh, my pie! I've got to run. May God bless America.

Zanne Booker 11-04-08

Note: If you did not vote, you can not gloat...or complain.