Monday, November 3, 2008

A Few Words About Our Nation and Our Next President

It is the eve of the big day...the 2008 Election. Everyone, including myself, has put their two cents in trying to make people see why one candidate deserves to be a winner over the other. I vote every election year; sometimes it is for a Republican and sometimes it is for a Democrat, but always it is for America. I (still) pledge allegiance to the flag...because I know that it is the symbol of our nation, with all its freedoms, flaws, and determination to be the beacon of democracy. The "melting pot" of races and ideologies has not always "smithed" well, thus leaving some to stand out and add cracks to the "casted" composition. But the image clearly remains. It is one of a country trying to be united and do what is right no matter what is thrown in its path. Religion has always been a big part of my life and it will always remain. Whether people believe their is a Higher Power or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is the moral good that this belief does for our country. It brings charity, compassion, hope, and an open mind to differences. The rational world is watching (and praying) that America stands stronger and more united in times of adversity. They too want to see charity, compassion, hope and open-mindedness in their respective nations. Whoever becomes the next President of the United States will be scrutinized all around the world for his abilities to unite our people and endeavors to preserve our freedoms. It is a daunting task which will, hopefully, cause him to work in a bipartisan manner because stepping into the oval office should be a transformation. He should be blind to the three Cs: color, colleagues, and creed preferene. He (and some day she) will take an oath of office and wear a symbolic cloak of authority which will carry a weight too heavy to bear, unless he seeks the counsel of advisors possessing wisdom and not agendas. You must remember that Americans are the only ones you owe allegiance to. If you keep that in mind...History will so record.

Zanne Booker 11-03-08

Note: Leaders of nations will stand before his/her people, the world, and one day...God. The latter is enough to make one seek the wisest of counselors.