Monday, November 17, 2008

President Obama Is Showing Wisdom

Today President-elect Barack Obama met with Senator John McCain in Obama's transition office, located in Chicago, to discuss America's future...and I'm sure Senator McCain's. Also in attendance were Rahm Emanuel (newly anointed White House Chief of Staff) and Republican Senator (and McCain's close friend) Lindsey Graham. Now, the press has never shied away from being "Masters of the Obvious" so when one member asked if Senator McCain planned to help the Obama administration, John McCain replied, "Obviously." There had never been any doubt in my mind that both candidates loved America. With me, it has always been about politics. It is like placing a child in the care of adoptive parents. Some are extremely qualified and some "will do". When you've got a problematic child on your hands then you hope and pray that the more qualified parent will emerge. Someone firm, understanding, protective, and opposed to coddling.
The new president will have to stand firm on issues concerning the country's best interest, even when his party wants him to buckle. The new president will have to be understanding of issues below the surface layers, right down to the "common" core. The new president must be willing to protect our freedoms even if one of them causes him discomfort (like freedom of speech). The new president must be an advocate for those who are willing to work and learn, yet understand that those who wish to "freeload" deserve to be kicked to the curb. If our president will inspire then present and future generations will aspire... to be more than just welfare recipients. America has been filled with factions, each acting like an only child. Today he chose to bring in a rival, Senator McCain, to help "shore up" a nation. Indeed, it was a wise move. This country is going to need the wisdom of all and the foolishness of none. I will continue to pray that President Obama will be just what America needs.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it.

Zanne Booker 11-17-08

Note: You may compromise only to the point of lost integrity; then there is only one choice.