Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Four Years We Could...

I was alarmed by a comment one of my young relatives made today. He basically said that if we did not like what the new President (and Congress) did in this administration, we could change it in four years. I'm quite sure I gasped. Of course I had a snappy comeback and said that I just hoped we could. The rest of the conversation is a blur. Now, many young people think that the world is moving at the pace they are...but that's not true. It is churning out ideological drivel daily and grinding down our core belief system, at a parallel pace. Maybe I can put the span of four years into something discernable to the youth of America. In four years one can do the following: pay off a car loan, learn to play an instrument, get a college diploma, write a novel (and its sequel), and build a business. Those who purport certain ideologies want the population to embrace change in the norms of society. Snap-out-of-it! For too long we have treated America's lazy as disabled, and the result of our being "enablers" is that we have generations of them. For too long we have let whining activists rip at the threads of our religious rights claiming that their little darlings are traumatized. I say let them start their own private schools (and give them vouchers)! That's one tax I'd flip a penny into. People who support (or fall into) these two areas are the bane of America's existence. President-Elect Obama needs to step up to the plate and keep his eye on something bigger than the nation's voters...its children. Even his own are going to have to live in the country if we change for the worst.

May God bless America...and may America deserve it!

Zanne Booker 11-16-08

Note: While parents are making a list of things to talk about to their children, add voting (and its significance) to it.